Fast & Furious Retro



Reflect on a sprint or any other event to openly discuss and improve the team going forward.


The activity can be finished in about 30-60 minutes (depending on your teamsize).


Request the team members to use sticky notes for each category:

  1. Fast: things that went very fast;

  2. Furious: things that made you furious;

  3. Fun(ny): things that were fun or funny;

  4. First: things that you learned & kudos;

  5. Fed up: things that you really annoyed you and want to get rid off.

Capture actions to follow up on.

*If different categories are a better fit for your team, like "Flexibility", change it up. Be creative!!


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David Engel
Product Manager@VMware Tanzu Labs
Exited Founder currently working with VMware Tanzu Labs to help startups through Fortune 500 companies improve their product practices and ship better products. Always side hustling the next product idea. Happy to share my ideas and give feedback on yours.

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