Failure Journal


Continuously improving and iterating on projects as a user researcher is difficult! This board is designed for both personal and team use to reflect on projects, as well as celebrating successes and failures.

It offers two different sessions:

  • A personal area where you can reflect on what happened during a particular project - where were your failures, successes, and what are action items to improve for next time

  • An area to celebrate successes and failures within a team. This can be done weekly to demonstrate what the team has been working on and how the team can continuously improve

  • This board embraces failure and mistakes and turns them into learning opportunities that allow personal and team growth. You can use this board completely on your own, or bring it to your team meetings to complete together.

  • Being okay with making mistakes, and tracking how we have improved is fundamental for career and personal development. This board, when filled out consistently, gives you the opportunity to see where you can improve and how you improved over time, both personally and as a team.


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Nikki Anderson
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Expert dog-petter and qualitative user researcher. Looking to make the world an easier place for researchers through templates and guides!
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