Learning cards - User Reaserch


How use it ?

Learning maps are used for rendering user research.

It will allow to synthesize the important information from the notes, interview or recording videos that are the raw material and very individual.

These learning cards are a tool inspired by design thinking and through their format will standardize the information (but not its actual content;))

We will therefore be able to communicate, deliver in a synthetic and relevant way, the essential, the most important to remember from the interviews and observations made in the field

How it works ?

Hypothesis, what we think!

Before going on the field we have ideas, the hypothesis that think, want or how does a user. The study will make it possible to verify, confirm or contradict these hypotheses.

Observations, what we see !

Keep 3 to 5 things observed important, and relevant within the framework of the field study which was carried out.

Metric, deduction, what we will mesures

Following these observations and taking into account the context and the project, we will choose 1 to 3 things that will allow us to measure these changes in the future. We will be able to measure failure, improvement and success with these indicators

Action, then we decide ...

With the three previous points, we decide to put in place one thing that will contribute to a better product or service.


Score what you think is most important in this card. We are going to have a lot of them that will allow us to classify, identify and refine these insights, metrics and possible actions for the rest of the project, ideation, improve, iteration according to the project context.


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Cyril Renault
Designer, Coach & Creative Director@Zenika
Senior designer, Cyril operates from strategy to the creation of B2B and B2C products.

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