Explore Your World


Welcome to our Miro Board adventure! 🌍

Title: Explore Your World


Embark on an exciting journey through our fictional world filled with diverse landscapes and thrilling adventures. Our Miro Board, "Explore Your World," is your virtual map to navigate through hot volcanoes, stunning beaches, dense forests, and beyond.

Frame 1: Your Map In this frame, participant will mark his/her current position on the map using a red pin and leave a brief description (on Frame 2) of why they chose that location. He/her can express their reasons with colorful stickies placed around the red pin, sharing insights or stories about their current whereabouts.

Also the participant will place a yellow pin on his/her desired target location on the map.

Frame 2: Your Positions While placing the pins, the participant should explain why they chose this destination and how it aligns with their interests or goals. Similar to the previous step, his/her can leave stickies to elaborate on their choice, providing context or excitement about their chosen destination.

Frame 3: Your Path Now comes the planning phase. the Participant will outline action items and steps necessary to reach their target destination. Using stickies, they can detail routes, resources needed, potential obstacles, or any other relevant information to guide his/her journey towards their chosen destination. This frame serves as a practical roadmap to help participant strategize and plan his/her adventure effectively.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and exploration across our captivating world. Let your imagination run wild as you chart your course through breathtaking landscapes and uncover hidden wonders along the way. Happy exploring! 🗺️🎒


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Nils Hyoma
Agile Lead@MHP - A Porsche Company
Nils Hyoma is a business informatics post-graduate from Hamburg University, a professional agile coach, and a passionate amateur water polo player. Nils studied Japanese studies, international business studies, and business informatics in Hiroshima and Hamburg. Many years as an active developer, he learned the basics of agile software development. After working in online retail / eCommerce and in IT consulting, he is now part of the coaching team at MHP - A Posche Company since 2024.
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