Event Mapping


Template to create your data analytics mapping.

Event names and properties assigned next to each screenshot.


  1. Update your screenshots and create a frame for each flow

  2. Create a menu with links to each flow (mobile, web)

  3. Add your events and properties with value examples


  • Always suggest to keep this as the "Master" map and not include features that are not in production (Can create a new section for upcoming features)

  • Use the links to link to the different frames (Can see a link on "Mobile Onboarding Flow" in the Menu frame)

  • Clicking on an image allows you to easily choose a diff image. This will help you replace the designs

The more details the better it will be for each org user to understand what metrics to look at and why.

Happy dataing and good luck!


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Alon Binman
Sr Solutions Architect @Mixpanel
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