EEEO Toolkit

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations Toolkit has been created by Boundaryless – the company behind the Platform Design Toolkit the methodology to design strategies, products and organizations ‘as a platform' that is used by tens of thousands worldwide – in strict collaboration with Haier Model Research Institute.

The EEEO Toolkit helps you to transform incumbent organizations into a swarm of networked Micro-enterprises connected through collaboration.

The EEEO Toolkit has been designed:

  • as an effective, clear and accessible set of visual tools for strategy co-creation,

  • for ecosystem designers, CxO, HR & Innovation Managers,

  • to reach a deep alignment within an ecosystem of teams and organizations,

  • to adapt Rendanheyi to any given context (private, public, small business, …).


Boundaryless SRL helps organizations create platform strategies. It’s the company designing, evolving, and promoting the Platform Design Toolkit, and boundaryless organizational thinking worldwide.

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