Documenting Design Process


This resource works as a 1:1 workshop or team building exercise to understand what are the main activities of a design team throughout the design process. It works great as the next step to the "Designer Journey" workshop, after you have mapped, as a facilitator, all the different activities of people, and solved their pain points.

Design the process that fits to your team

As a DesignOps professional, you need to gain a holistic understanding on how different designers work within teams so that you can build with them a process and activities within that process that showcases and visualizes all the complex and "hidden" parts. Use the Documenting Design Process template to understand your design team better, map a default process, and plan how to communicate clearly what are the different activities of a design team.

The design process documentation template that works for design teams of all sizes and shapes:

  • Customise the template to your design process

  • Clarify all the activities that designers perform and when should they

  • Give an estimation of the effort each activity takes

  • You can use this template to map a design process per designer team, or for the whole community (or both!).

  • Align the different projects and teams based on a visualized and descriptive design process

How does it work?

  • Research the designer's journey within your team's or community's design process

  • Plan for a 2-3 hour workshop to work with the team (you can build an example prior to that)

  • Identify the first activity in the first phase of your process

  • Write a description that clarifies what is that activity and what it does

  • Estimate how much effort does this activity take

  • Describe when is the best time to use this specific activity

  • Feel free to change any part of this template to fit your needs

  • Visit the result of the work you've done every once in a while (yearly or more often?) to make sure that the whole team is still aligned or discover what should change to make your process better.

Have fun!


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