Designer Journey


This resource works as a 1:1 workshop to understand your designer journey in your team, and a structured discussion to identify pain points and potential opportunities to fix things.

Get to know your team better

As a DesignOps professional, you need to understand how designers in different projects are working with their cross-functional stakeholders and how the design process fits into the working methods of your organization. Use the Designer Journey template to understand your designers better, map their journey, and plan how to solve the most impactful problems in the team.

The Designer Template works for designers of all sizes and shapes:

  • Customise the template to your design process

  • Clarify all the tasks and activities that designers perform

  • Create an understanding of where all your designers currently are

  • Align the different projects and teams based on evidence and research

How does it work?

  • Plan for at least 1.5 to 2 hours for this workshop

  • Identify the first task in the first phase of your process

  • Estimate how much time this specific task takes

  • Discuss whether this task is visible to others or not

  • Uncover who are the people typically involved in this task

  • Visualise which tools you are using for this specific task

  • Create transparency of what are the current pain points for this specific task

  • Think of opportunities that could solve the pain points of this task

  • Identify whether or not this is a critical area that you should definitely fix.

  • Circle back to the top and map the impact of each task.

  • Then in the end, map the time that designers are spending in meetings

  • How much of that time is actually productive for them?

  • What can you do with all that info? Remember to use use also post-its

Have fun!


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Angelos Arnis
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Angelos is a strategic designer focusing on delivering experiences with humane & ethical principles.
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