Diversity Canvas


Let’s go beyond putting a rainbow flag on your company’s profile: How can Diversity (Specifically LGBTQ) truly empower your business, and how can you benefit the community in return?

It’s that time of the year again: let’s talk about diversity. And this Pride season, we want to focus on what diversity, especially LGBTQ, can do for your business. According to McKinsey (2020), profits can increase up to 25% when you add diversity to a team. But at the same time, the LGBTQ community remains heavily underrepresented in businesses. This can push away the next generation of customers and team players:

77% of Gen Z say that a company's level of diversity affects their decision to work there, 16% of adult Gen Zrs identify themselves as LGBTQ (and the data seems to only grow as they continue to be interviewed, and grow older).

That’s why we have developed the Diversity Canvas: a tool that all teams can use to help better map how Diversity builds and impacts their work and products. Come to our session and let’s learn more about this tool - and also build your own canvas together!


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