Key Strengths Continuum


When to use the Key Strengths Continuum?

This tool can be used for 1:1 coaching and as a team building activity. We hear a lot about the value of diversity in teams, the strengths continuum helps teams and individuals to reflect on their strengths in action - when they’re optimised and when they’re overplayed. This tool is designed to increase self-awareness and promote positive actions and behaviours.

The Key Strengths Continuum can be utilised across various touch points:

  • Forming new teams and project teams;

  • 1:1 coaching and development;

  • Established teams keen to leverage the diversity of their skills and capabilities;

How does the Key Strengths Continuum work?

  • Identify top 3 strengths – these can be self-selected or based on feedback tools/ input from others

  • On each end of the continuum, describe how each strength presents when it’s optimised and when it’s overplayed

  • In the two outside columns, list the feelings, actions and indicators that present at either end of the continuum

  • Debrief the outputs with the coach, leader or in small groups

  • Teams could consolidate outputs on a shared Miro board

This activity takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete and debrief


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