Discovery Dashboard


The Discovery Dashboard is a 60 minute brainstorming session used to reach alignment on what matters.

When to use The Discovery Dashboard?

As a product manager, do you struggle to capture ideas from completely different stakeholders and departments?

The Discovery Dashboard will help you capture and organize ideas into 5 different categories:

  1. Hot Takes - Strong opinions loosely held

  2. Assumptions - Things we need to validate

  3. Facts - Things we already know for sure

  4. Knowledge Gaps - Things we need to find out

  5. How Might We - Questions to guide your North Star

But wait... there is a sixth box? Yes, the necessary meetings box.

  • At the end of every session you should capture which meetings will help you closer to alignment


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Alex Romero
Product Manager
I am a product manager with a passion for the intersection of design and health tech. I have over a decade of experience on building SAAS Products and bringing them to market.
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