Design Critique Playground


Design Critique Playground offers a workshop template that supports teams to collect constructive feedback on design and improve the quality of solution. It is created for designers to help prepare for the workshop session, present solutions and facilitate meeting.

When to use Design Critique Playground?

As a designer or facilitator, when you need to present a solution and set up a stage for discussion and constructive feedback. Use this playground to align everyone on what has been discussed during the meeting and what are the next steps.

If you are presenter:

  • Add summary of customer needs, problem statement, business goals and constraints that were taken in consideration while working on design

  • Clarify the goal of a session and set clear expectations

  • Add proposed solutions

  • Share board in advance with relevant team members and stakeholders, so everyone can review it and prepare in advance

  • Use board during the session to help you facilitate a meeting

If you are reviewer:

  • Use board to review proposed solution and prepare for the session

  • Come up with concerns, questions and any comments you have and discuss them

  • Use board to align after session on the follow up steps

How does Design Critique Playground work?

You will be guided through 4 key sections:

  1. Design Critique Intro: Design Critique intro and tips for presenter and reviewer

  2. Before session: Add all relevant information needed for stakeholders to understand better problem and review solution

  3. During session: Collect feedback on a structured way

  4. After season: Align everyone on what has been discussed during the meeting and what are the next steps.


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