Definition of Done Workshop


Welcome to the "Definition of Done" workshop! This interactive experience is created to streamline our understanding of what "done" looks like within our Scrum team, aiming to improve tranparency, efficiency, and quality.

  1. About the Template: The "Definition of Done" workshop is a carefully curated interactive journey that provides you with a deeper insight into the concept of "done" in the context of Scrum. By delving into key topics such as the Acceptance Criteria, the Definition of Done, and defining and prioritizing tasks, the template provides a solid foundation for improved quality and a more cohesive team.

  2. What It Helps Achieve: This workshop assists in aligning team members on the crucial notion of "done", enhancing transparency and helping to avoid ambiguity. It aids in determining what specific activities or tasks must be completed before "shipping" or delivering the end product. With this workshop, you can anticipate an increase in productivity, better prioritization, and improved team collaboration.

  3. Who Would Benefit Most: The "Definition of Done" workshop is most beneficial for Scrum teams, project managers, product owners, developers, or anyone involved in agile. It is particularly valuable for teams that are facing quality issues and often lack a shared understanding of when a task is considered complete, or who are aiming to optimize their delivery pipeline.

  4. How to Use It: Starting with a warm-up activity, participants share personal experiences of task completion. The main workshop involves interactive slide discussions on topics like Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done, where participants write their definitions, discuss, and then reveal the standardized definitions. Through a series of interactive exercises involving sticky notes, the team will identify, classify, and prioritize tasks based on their completion status in relation to PBIs, sprints or releases. The workshop concludes with proposing action items and voting on them for the next iterations.

Remember, before each interactive session, turn on private mode to encourage individual thought. This workshop is an opportunity to redefine your team's understanding of "done" and to establish a more efficient workflow. Enjoy the journey!


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