Deep Diving a must win battle

About the template

When the most pertinent ideas have been identified, then it’s time to use this template. It should be prepared in advance on a board, one per Must Win Battle, so that teams, can fill it. Do not write text, think in sticky notes.

It has 4 main areas that should be filled sequentially:

  • WHAT – it’s about making sure the team comes to an agreement as to what exactly are we talking about, when discussing this idea. What is it, and what is it not ?

  • HOW – once I came to an agreement as to what we are covering, then I can start having a high level look at the way I want to approach this ? The team should work with an MVP approach, meaning, small iterative steps, where every step brings value. Ask them to document what are the 3 first decisions that need to be made.

  • WHO – Now it’s time to document whom we will need, internally or externally to successfully undergo this project. I’s not about listing all the department, people, partners needed, let’s focus on the most relevant ones. Which are the ones we need to get this going and to be successful ?

  • CSF to Win – lastly, it’s about documenting the way we will measure success. Looking back when this is over, what would we say is success ?

Keep in mind: None of what was written is carved ins stone, it’s only a first approach. Let’s not forget to record the presentation the teams will do.


Michel Sérié
Founder@InnoLifters Innovation Consulting
Michel Sérié is the founder of InnoLifters and is consulting international companies with a focus on innovation management, creative thinking and inclusive, cultural and digital transformation.

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