Data Strategy Workshop


The Data Strategy Workshop template provides all the materials necessary for the design of a basic data strategy. It consists of a representation of a data strategy's fundamental components. Those elements are organized in three abstraction levels: 1) Phases (i.e., Due Diligence), 2) Tracks (i.e., Gap Analysis), and 3) Individual tasks and activities (i.e., data lineage).

Who is this for

This workshop is for industry leaders who can use it to hand-craft a custom data strategy for their organization. The optimal amount of people for this workshop is 5-7 and an additional facilitator who is well versed in the elements.

How does it work

The workshop consists of three sessions. In the first one, the participants select the items that they need for their specific use case (not all data strategies need to include all elements, but they have to cover the major parts). In the second step, those are prioritized based on importance and complexity. The results of this prioritization are arranged in a temporal dimension with a bullseye scale and timeline. The final session specifies the data strategy's ownership by using a Responsibility Assignment (RACI) matrix.

The results of those sessions form the final deliverable of the workshop, making it an excellent foundation for a successful data strategy kickoff.


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Boyan Angelov
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Boyan is a management consultant in the fields of data science, engineering and strategy. He has provided value in fields such as logistics, pharma, e-commerce, and others.
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