Content Strategy - Fours Steps Process


I'm suggesting this board so team members can collaborate when creating content strategies, planning content workflow and production online. It can be checked weekly in agile meetings or planning sessions.

Once your team defines the content briefing or content problem, they can start collaborating within the framework. Let’s see the steps:

  • Step 1: Here you will look at your audience and make decisions about the need of conducting some research to have more in depth information. I am suggesting that you chose some of the tools in the cards according to your project needs.

  • Step 2: Here the team will think about how the business, brand, product & services values and benefits are helping your audience. With the data from the first and second steps together you will set goals linking your offer with your audience needs.

  • Step 3: It is time to ideate and create your content editorial. Look at the content types suggested in the cards to generate ideas. Use voting once you have a fair number of suggestions.

  • Step 4: As your team is ideating about the content editorial, the symbiotic choice of platforms will happen. The platform also defines the format of your content: words, images, vídeos, sound. Content Workflow: Register, prototype and test ideas. Vote and check what needs to be iterated before giving the final approval and assigning to production.

  • Step 5: Optimise your choices and amplify the message using some tools and tactics as suggested in the cards. Create the metrics you need to monitor performance.

When aligning your team members to participate in creating the content strategy, the process of managing content workflow has better chances of success.


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