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Customer Value Incubation Grid

This template blends the Doblin's 10 types of Innovation and Blue Ocean strategy to create a search grid of 60 sectors which are intended to trigger discussions to help a firm find opportunities to enhance the competitive potential of its offering.

The benefits of using Customer Value Incubation Grid

Prevents overlooking the opportunities of value creation which may be hiding in other functional areas

Framework helps engage all functions of the organization in innovating and creating value for customers.

Step 1: Planning

  • Choose a customer segment and market arena in which we are creating the value

  • Choose the Value Enablers (participants) within the organizations who as a group have the understanding of the 10

  • Choose the Utility Lever(s) which you want to explore in the session?

  • Create a copy of the grid on your whiteboard and remove any utility levers rows not in scope of the session (in the example only Cost and Risk were included).

  • Send the links for pre-read on Doblin's 10 types of Innovation and Customer utility levers in advance.


Step 2: Session

  1. Give the participants a few minutes to share their understanding of the Doblin's 10 types of Innovation and Customer utility levers.

  2. Present the modified grid to show the areas under the scope of search in today's session.

  3. Ask participants to use post-its or links to share relevant examples from other firms or their own new ideas . Some sectors may not be applicable to the firm

  4. Ask participants to cluster the ideas and links under the columns of value enablers

  5. Rank and prioritize the ideas by the method relevant to your firm


Saurabh Kaushik
Innovation Manager
Saurabh is an intrapreneur and product development leader. He has background in mechanical engineering and has 17 years’ experience in developing innovative market leading products.

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