Creative Matrix


The creative matrix is an immediate go-to when you need to understand how to rapidly ideate new possible solutions, improvements to a service or product, or anything in between relating to optimizing experience & need to diverge from the current way of thinking.

Using “how might we…” statements in this exercise can help to generate solutions and consider other resources. You can use this exercise with any team to explore and diverge from existing thinking into new possibilities.

Start by writing How Might We (HMW) statements, using 3- 4 HMW prompts. Next, you can propose solutions as they relate to each enabler (e.g., technology) and write them down. Use this method to turn challenges into opportunities, and have fun getting creative!

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maad labs is a do tank, not a think tank, that performs digital experiments, provides executive training, builds our own (largely AI/ML/Data) products, and consults with both venture-backed and large, multi-national companies bringing bold, audacious, and complex ideas, experiences, and technologies to market. We help organizations get future-proofed by leveraging impending technological disruptions.
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