Content Modeling


A content model is the overall architecture of your content. It breaks down your content into pieces (content types) and defines the relationships between those pieces of content. It helps to structure your content and make it more reusable.

Before you start creating a content model, we recommend gathering your stakeholders (developers, content authors, content strategists, etc.) together and brainstorming. Some questions you might want to ask during this process:

  • What are we creating this content model for (e.g. a project, a channel, etc)?

  • Who is the audience for this content?

  • What are all the content types that we have?

  • Can any of these content types be combined?

  • What are the relationships between these content types?

  • Where might this content type be reused?

  • What do we want the editorial experience to look like?

  • How will we test out the content model and who should be involved in testing it out?

  • How will new content be added?

  • Who will manage the content model?

  • What content types might we need in the future that we aren’t thinking about yet?

Once you’re ready to start crafting your content model, you can use this template to build out the first draft of your content model! Remember your first attempt is never going to be perfect. Your content model is a living, breathing beast that will evolve over time as your team and business grows.

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