Collaborative Jigsaw Puzzle Ice Breaker


Can You Work Together To Solve the Jigsaw Puzzles?

🧩 Break the ice with a collaborative and fun team activity!

🧩 4 jigsaw puzzles to choose from: Easy, Medium, Hard and 🤯😱🥴!

🧩 Looking for a real challenge? Try the insanely difficult 165 piece puzzle!

🧩 To turn it into a competition, simply use the leaderboards!

How to Play the Game:

  1. Choose one of the 4 jigsaw puzzles.

  2. Try to finish it together as quickly as possible.

  3. Have fun!


  • Set a timer and finish it before time is up.

  • Use a stopwatch and add scores to the leaderboards for a more competitive experience.


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Henrik Ståhl
Product Owner @Telia Company
Former journalist turned Product Owner. Methodology nerd and incurable strategist. Star Wars and Meshuggah. This is the way.

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