Collaborative Brief


What is it

The Collaborative Briefing Workshop is an interactive step-by-step guide for running a workshop that helps teams figure out the design challenge, scope and approach.


-      Runsheet

-      Step by Step Workshop templates

-      Interactive exercises

-      Real life examples

Why use it

  1. Provides guardrails for a healthy dialogue between the stakeholder/client and the design team so you can all tease out the 'real brief'.

  2. Encourages different team members to share their perspectives so you can create a more robust approach that team members believe in.

  3. Surfaces the difficult questions and team’s fears right up-front, giving you a shot at not repeating dumb mistakes.

When to Use it

The Collaboartive brief is ideally suited to be used for strategic projects where the problem and or solution is somewhat blurry.

Who Should Use it

-      Stakeholders going oh crap I now need to write a brief, where do I start and;

-      Designers wanting to make sure they work on projects that have impact.


I run an award winning strategic design collective where we help organisations solve complex problems. Our approach is to build your team's confidence and capability to tackle the tough stuff, and make positive change happen.
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