Career Path Template for Leaders


The Career Path template is a tool for those product, design, and tech leaders who have to define a career plan for their team members.

The process of implementation is very simple and starts with:

Step 1

Identify the soft and hard skills for a specific role.

Step 2

Identify the levels of knowledge for each soft and hard skill and describe how every level increases in experience and knowledge.

Step 3

Identify the level of seniority based on the organization's alignments and your career path design.

Step 4

Match the knowledge and seniority level.

Step 5

Apply the assessment to your team.

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Michel Hauzeur image
Michel Hauzeur
Product Design & Innovation Leader@Nearsure
I am the Product Design & Innovation Leader at Nearsure, and the CGO at La Corte de los Búhos. I am also part of the Product League Mentors and Product Makers Mentors.​ I have more than 14+ years of working experience in technology projects and have been working as a Product Manager for the past 8 years. ​ One of his most successful projects was the migration of more than 250,000 users to a new and personalized platform for a well-known financial company in Colombia.
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