Retrospective before new adventures ⛵️


New adventure about to start with your team?! Let's pack the bags!

This retro template will help you to improve your team dynamics reflecting on the aspects you want to push to the next level and all the things you find unnecessary and want to leave on the harbour before sailing. ⛵️

💌 You can also send a postcard from your future self to explain all the accomplishments you would love to achieve in the coming months.

✅ When to use it?

Perfect at the beginning of a new quarter or when a team is setting off on a new adventure together and wants to reflect on how to start off light and full of energy for what's to come.


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Viola Mottarella
Product Designer@Varian (Siemens Healthineers)
I'm a lot of things but work-wise I'm a Product Designer passionate about improving digital products while solving user real problems, always with an eye on branding.
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