AI+Design Toolkit


The AI+Design toolkit features a set of tools that allow your team to create AI solutions that start from people's needs by a human-centered approach specifically defined for avoiding AI-related risks.

By using this toolkit, you will:

  • Avoid reproducing human biases into the AI model

  • Define the machine's evolution and its impacts on human lives

  • Learn to identify the required and most valuable data inputs and outputs

  • Determine the human-AI interaction

When to use our AI+Design Toolkit?

At the beginning of your AI project, you can use it to prevent AI-related ethical issues, such as biases, data dirtying, by bringing humans to the center of the process. This toolkit will guide you in starting from the user's needs rather than by a pre-existing model or dataset. The toolkit is also an instrument to share a language among the two teams of AI and design.

How does the AI+Design Toolkit work?

We will guide you through a journey in which you will:

  • Collect business requirement for the AI project

  • Analyze collected insights coming from the user research with tools that enable the design and AI team to point out human biases and other AI-related issues that may affect the model results

  • Design the system through a systemic approach

  • Finally, you will define the rules of how the machine should evolve to maintain the defined KPI at the beginning of the project


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