Agile Maturity Assessment


The Agile Maturity Assessment Activity offers a fun colloborative 60-90 minute workshop activity helps teams to evaluate various Agile elements and brainstorm ideas for improvement.

Set the scene to encouage honesty and for the team to feel safe.

When to use this assessment?

As a Scrum Master/Coach/Facilitator, you can use this assessment for teams who have been working in agile for at least a few months (2-3 months) and use use it every quarter as part of a retrospective activity or as a separate workshop. This will help achieve an agile assessment from the participating team, getting feedback and driving a conversation to make improvements.

How does this template work?

  • This template measures 8 elements of Agile.

  • This is customisable to increase or decrease.

  • It is recommended to keep it to a 6-8 elements to maintain team's focus.

  • The rating for each element goes from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest).

Different options for assessment:

  • There are three different voting options to do this assessment.

  • Use a timer for all options.

1.Dot Voting:

  • Set the timer for 2-3 minutes.

  • Each participant places 1 dot to rate each element, using 8 dots in this example.

  • The participant is not identifiable in this voting technique.

2.Icon Voting:

Participants choosing the icon:

  • Allow 1-2 minutes for participants to choose an icon of there choice and typestheir name below it.

  • The icon could be from the list provided or if they can choose from the icon library too.

  • Ask the participants to group the icon and name.

Commence voting:

  • Set the timer again for 2-3 minutes and each participant can place their icon in the rings to rate different elements of Agile.

  • This method of identifying the person encourages transperancy.

  • It is important the team feel psychologically safe to be able to openly express their rating and be able to discuss.

3. Voting feature:

  • Using the voting feature, choose the area for voting (the frame which has the different color coded ratings)

  • Choose 8 votes (for this example) and choose shapes, start voting.

  • Once all participants have voted or when voting duration is complete, you can review the results.

Post voting discussion

Once voting is completed using any of the above techniques, the facilitator can start a discussion to review the results in each element of agile and get ideas for improvement from the team.

This is a great tool to get an honest assessment from the team itself, encourage ownership of its current state of agile and for the future state.


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Kavitha Chandrasekaran
Agile Consultant@FIS Global, USA
Agile Coach and Transformation Consultant working with teams to embed Agile ways of being and doing. Love exploring and introducing new collaborative activities to create opportunities for active participation, creating ownership and generating new ideas.
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