A Patterning Ritual For Moments of Transition


This template invites you to use the Co-Intelligence Institute's Wise Democracy Pattern Language to find clarity about your intentions in a moment of transition—whether the New Year, the launch of a project or initiative, or simply a personal moment of change.

These pattern cards highlight dynamic factors and design principles which can make an activity, organisation, or community more wisely self-governing. They offer an opportunity to notice the world differently and offer guidance that can support you in translating intentions into practice.

How does it work?

The template is designed to be used with a partner, but can also be used alone or with multiple partners. You’ll be guided through a reflective process that centers around three grounding inquiries:

  • Patterns to lean into (challenges): What feels hard and important to lean into?

  • Patterns to draw on (resources, strengths): What will support you in leaning into challenge?

  • Patterns to activate with others: What feels critical to hold at center in your collaboration with others?

Through individual reflection and group exploration, this process will help you focus your energies and intentions as you transition into whatever comes next.


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