2024 Calendar Organiser & Planner


This simple table-format 2024 calendar can used for organising your 2024 at a glance. Use this calendar for planning events, rosters, special events, team birthdays, activities and more.

  • Use sticky notes to assign tasks and events.

  • The week starts on a Monday, with weekends coloured differently for business days to stand out.

Tip: Look up public holidays if you are using this calendar to collaborate with people in different regions.


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Talene Pittaway
Enterprise Customer Success Manager@Miro
Hey there I'm Talene and I'm an Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Miro. I've been working in Customer Success since 2015. I live in Sydney, Australia and spend most of my time helping organisations experience full potential of their software investment. I love simple products that solve real problems. I hope you find my templates helpful and easy to use!
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