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Silicon Pauli is the UX and Innovation Consultancy for the Remote Age.
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We identify new market opportunities and design best-in-class user experiences for new products.

Our team works in remote-first sprints: we bring together the right people and create solutions that delight both clients and stakeholders. We like the challenging problems in complex industries: How do we create a new banking platform? How do we make Covid-19 tests digitally available to everyone? How do we create a commercial platform for renewable energy?

To deliver outstanding results faster and more reliable we have developed our own Remote Innovation Playbook with more than 50 proven methods and tools.

Why it works?

Process Standardization : A standardized and proven process for each challenge - documented in our Playbook.

Business Impact : We focus on the business impact of design - we know how powerful a project can be if design, technology, and business play together seamlessly.

Stakeholder Alignment : We know how crucial it is to align all the important stakeholders when you want to create something new. That's why we get all the important decision-makers on the (virtual) table and make reliable, bold, and strategic choices.

Speed : We move fast. We create results with a strategic impact in weeks instead of months.

Scalable Results : Our results are scalable even in the largest companies: we design systems - not just good looking screens, and we create business strategies - not just fancy ideas.

Reliability : Our process is reliable and stable. We have done this a few times already.

Inspiration : When you work with us, we promise it will be fun and inspiring: innovative methods, the latest digital trends, very smart people.

Our superpowers
Remote Innovation Playbook with more than 50 methods and tools
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Finanzgruppe Deutscher Sparkassen-und Giroverband
Sparkassen Innovation Hub
“Silicon Pauli's ability to create strategic solutions for complex problems is special. We have worked with them on many projects and they always bring in a unique ability to translate insights into digital product innovations.”
Janosch Krug, Product Owner, Sparkassen Innovation Hub
“The Silicon Pauli Patrons Program has helped our Proof-of-Concept tremendously. In only two days we were able to sharpen our product and to win two new angel investors and a board member for JobMatchMe through their network.”
Daniel Stancke, CEO, JobMatchMe
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