Blue Ocean Strategy



The Blue Ocean Strategy was developed by Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne. Its goal is to offer an innovative product on a market where you don't find competition. We will use this exact strategy for our needs. (around 30min exercise)


  1. The facilitator explains the terms Blue Ocean and Red Ocean. (3min)

  2. The first step is to define the competitive market. Each participant makes a suggestion for the competitive market by filling out the red sticky notes in the Independent Work Area. (2min)

  3. Now move your favorite note to the competitive market area in the Group Work Area below. (1min)

  4. You have one black voting dot to mark the most relevant competitive market.

  5. Fill out the other fields (Eliminate, Reduce, Increase, Create) in your independent working area with the yellow sticky notes. (5min)

  6. Choose one note out of each field (Eliminate, Reduce, Increase, Create) and move them to the according field in the Group Work Area. (1min)

  7. If you aren't completely sure about what all the notes mean, this is the right time to ask questions. (4min)

  8. Use your remaining 8 red voting dots to mark the most relevant notes. 2 per field (Eliminate, Reduce, Increase, Create). (2min)

  9. The facilitator moves the 8 most voted notes (2 per field) into the Results area.


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