The Profiling Web


The Profiling Web is an easy to use and fun exercise to have your ideas and concepts profiled in the four core areas:

  • Internal Fit

  • User Fit

  • Business Fit

  • Ressources Fit

Every area consists of 3 dimensions so that you have 12 profiled dimensions in total.

You can do it alone but the Profiling Web creates the most value when done with a group of 3-8 people.

Here's how it works:

  1. Write the name of the concept or idea that you want tor profile in the center

  2. Every person gets a color and rates the ideas by placing the dots on all 12 dimensions (2min) .

  3. There will be a lot of clusters appearing. But if there's major disagreement on one or more dimensions shortly discuss (1min max per dimensions).

  4. The facilitator will place a yellow dot for the average value on each dimension. Don't overthink this step.

  5. Now you connect the 12 yellow dots with a yellow line and, voila, you have a Profiling Web.

  6. The bigger the Profiling Web, the bigger the potential for your idea.

  7. Replay the process for every concept and see which one has the biggest spider net a.k.a. the highest potential.

That's it. Fun, easy and very insightful.


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