Unlocking Success: Kolleno’s journey to effortless sales and marketing campaign planning with Miro

Kolleno’s quest for a tool to revolutionize its multi-channel campaigns planning led to a pivotal partnership with Miro. Miro played a vital role in simplifying planning, fostering teamwork, and boosting productivity. Its visual collaboration capabilities exceeded expectations, setting the stage for Kolleno’s success in efficiently scaling its business operations.

75% increase in productivity

50% more efficiency in meetings

3-5 hours saved weekly through streamlined team meetings

Story highlights

  • Kolleno faced challenges in coordinating multi-channel sales and marketing campaigns efficiently due to the complexity of interactions across various platforms, requiring detailed planning and execution to cover all scenarios and lead behaviors. Traditional tools like Excel lack customization and ease of use, leading to confusion and inefficiencies across teams.
  • With Miro, Kolleno was able to enhance brainstorming capabilities, streamline cross-functional teamwork, and get a comprehensive view of campaigns. Miro’s user-friendly interface and visual facilitation features enable teams to plan and execute campaigns effectively, improving overall productivity.
  • Adopting Miro transformed how Kolleno plans and communicates internally, saving time and boosting productivity across departments. Moreover, Miro’s benefits extend beyond campaign planning, permeating other business functions and setting up Kolleno for success in scaling its operations and achieving business growth.

The problem: Current tools were not robust enough for planning and coordinating multi-channel campaigns

Kolleno is a leading player in financial operations, bringing together receivables, payables, payments, and reconciliation on one unified platform. With a mission to modernize traditional finance into user-friendly digital experiences, we imagine a future where CFOs, finance teams, and clients can easily handle financial tasks. The big goal? Helping businesses work efficiently in their daily work, freeing up resources for important growth activities with the use of Kolleno’s accounts receivable software.

As a young and dynamic company, Kolleno understands the importance of organizing itself efficiently for growth. To achieve this, we have focused on launching multi-channel sales and marketing campaigns. These campaigns target a few individuals per company and involve various activities across channels like email, LinkedIn, direct mail, and paid ads. Coordinating these activities across different platforms and involving multiple team members at the same time has proven to be a big challenge. The complex interactions across channels require a thorough view of planning and execution, making sure all possible scenarios of lead behaviors and follow ups with leads are covered, as well as any other relevant campaign activities.

Moreover, it’s not just about planning the campaign but also about planning the journey for leads who expressed interest in our offerings. This includes figuring out the steps at each stage of the customer lead journey, assigning tasks, and making sure the transition between buying stages is smooth. To make sure nothing falls through the cracks once the campaign is launched, it is crucial to plan thoroughly for each possible event. 

Traditional tools like Excel or other productivity applications weren’t robust enough for our needs. These tools lacked customization and ease of use, forcing a trade-off between high-level and tactical planning. Moreover, they would just end up piling up across multiple folders on the Cloud, leading to confusion between team members as per what is the latest and most up to date version. Finding a tool that struck a balance between the two was difficult. It was also time consuming to organize information, maintain it, and share it across teams. We needed a tool that offered a panoramic view for detailed scenario planning, and seamless teamwork among cross-functional team members.

The solution: Miro for high-level and tactical planning, empowering teams to operate at peak efficiency

Our marketing and sales teams discovered a valuable ally in Miro, significantly changing how we plan campaigns and collaborate across different teams. Miro went beyond traditional tools, providing a smooth solution to the company’s complex challenges and improved Kolleno’s ways of working, including: 

Enhanced brainstorming

Miro’s features allowed our teams to easily organize dynamic workshops. These sessions became centres for creativity and idea generation, thanks to Miro’s user-friendly interface. The collaborative nature of the platform created an environment where sales and marketing teams could contribute ideas seamlessly, breaking down barriers and considering all perspectives.

Miro is used as the platform for brainstorming

Streamlined cross-functional teams

Miro empowered cross-functional teams to work at their best. Striking a balance between big-picture views and detailed specifics, the platform catered to different team members’ diverse needs. Leaders could understand the overall strategy, while team members could focus on specific details when needed. This flexibility in how information is presented improved communication and decision-making within the company.

Structured visualization

Because our teams rely on visuals, Miro’s emphasis on visual facilitation was a game-changer. The tool’s UX was super easy to understand and it was very straightforward for the team to use different features like diagrams, process maps, sticky notes and many more.  The platform provided a canvas for simple and structured visualisation, allowing teams to map out complex campaign details, dependencies, and timelines. This visual approach improved understanding and served as a reference point during discussions.

User journey map in Miro

Comprehensive “helicopter” view

Miro’s standout feature was its ability to offer a comprehensive overview view of all elements in a campaign. This broad perspective helped our teams avoid oversights and plan for contingencies effectively. The platform became a central hub where all aspects of a campaign, from overarching strategy to small details, could be captured and assessed in real-time.

Comprehensive overview of marketing campaign

Essentially, Miro became the key player in Kolleno’s sales strategy, providing a collaborative, visual, and comprehensive solution to the complex challenges of B2B campaign planning. The platform not only addressed identified problems but also elevated the entire process, leading to more efficient, engaging, and successful campaign planning.

The result: Transformed internal planning and communication, saving time and boosting productivity

Since integrating Miro into our operations, Kolleno has streamlined planning processes, leading to substantial time savings. This versatile platform has become indispensable in crucial departments such as sales, marketing, and product development.

The positive influence of Miro has permeated every facet of the company, inspiring Kolleno to adopt it as an all-encompassing solution across various business functions. Beyond its initial application in campaign planning, Miro has proven beneficial in our research and product development endeavors.

In their dedication to crafting a top-notch accounts receivables software, our product manager, designers, and CEO extensively utilize Miro – from sketching out new feature wireframes to mapping out user navigation through the Kolleno platform, ensuring seamless and efficient collaboration. Moreover, Miro has been instrumental in the sales processes, allowing our product manager to create clear visualizations that helped prospective clients understand how data flows within systems and how Kolleno integrates with their existing tech tools. 

All in all, this collaboration has not only tackled challenges head-on but has also inaugurated a new era characterized by heightened productivity, seamless teamwork, and a more customer-centric approach in day-to-day operations.

For young SaaS businesses like Kolleno, it is crucial to have the right tools that make scaling processes easy. Overall, Miro’s features have not only simplified the campaign planning process but have also elevated its quality, minimizing oversights and ensuring attention to detail – setting up Kolleno for a success in growing the business.

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