Why the remote work trend really matters, in 19 tweets

Why the remote work trend really matters, in 19 tweets

There’s a lot of pressure on the term “remote work.” It has been — and will continue to be — a trending buzzword. But, remote work as a concept seems to be thrown around loosely, and often fails to adequately convey all of its radical implications. Remote work is not just a sparkly employment perk (though there are fantastic benefits of remote working). It’s not just working from the couch in pajamas. And it’s definitely not a digital nomad sipping a margarita in Bali while founding his next unicorn SaaS product.

No, the remote work trend is driving serious economic, urban development, and demographic change. It’s increasing environmental sustainability, social mobility, cultural inclusion, and much more.

I scoured what leading voices on Remote Twitter (you heard it here first!) are talking about to paint a meatier picture of what remote work really means today.

Hollis Kool

Content & Comms

Hollis’s background is in human-centered design and research as applied in the social, public, and health sectors. She’s curious about people dynamics and social networks, and writes about the ways these play out in the workplace for better team collaboration and communication.

1. Remote work is reshaping the entire notion of work as we know it.

2. Remote work isn’t a handicap. It encourages best practices for any kind of team.

3. Remote work comes in all shapes and sizes: fully remote, distributed, hybrid, co-located … and it might not matter.

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4. Remote work obliterates the 9 to 5 work schedule. Workplaces must take this into account.

5. Remote work isn’t just about work/life balance, it’s about work that is sensitive to the varying needs of employees.

6. Remote work changes the game for recruiting and hiring.

7. Remote work is about how you’re working, not where you’re working.

8. Remote work is waving goodbye to Silicon Valley-centrism.

9. Remote work is giving rise to tools that improve remote and IRL teamwork. 

10. Remote work gives insight into how policy, capitalism, transit, and other social systems work together.

11. Remote work can learn from those thinking about diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the workplace.

12. Remote work is feng-shui-centric.

13. Remote work is more than a perk.

14. Remote work is creeping into hiring in different ways.

15. Remote work is about mastering asynchronous work.

16. Remote work
is going mobile.

17. Remote work begets empathy: for time zones, for location, for cultural differences.

18. Remote work breeds really good communication hygiene.

19. Remote work levels the playing field.

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