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How to make your collaboration in Miro seamless with our new Slack integration

Miro integration with Slack

Over the past few years, we have seen corporate messaging apps like Slack increasingly dominating communications in companies moving towards digital transformation. Global brands like IBM, Condé Nast, Target and Capital One are improving communications and tying teams together in Slack. And luckily, it’s not just about top–down guidelines. As end users, we also adore its simplicity, transparency and fast communication speed.

Like Slack, Miro is helping sync distributed teams’ minds. While Slack is dominating live corporate communications, Miro is building a whiteboarding platform for remote collaboration – a place where distributed teams get together to work on cross-functional projects, plan Agile Sprints, brainstorm on canvases, build customer journey maps and iterate on designs.

To help you continue using Slack as a reference place for communication while staying updated about Miro, we are excited to introduce Miro Feed, our handy new integration with Slack. Apart from our own product, Slack is probably the most frequently used tool here at Miro. And to be honest, this integration won all our hearts and made communication much better.

New Slack notifications

With Miro Feed, you never need to open boards or email to check updates. This integration tracks meaningful board changes and pushes them to Slack. All mentions or team activities (on the boards you own) are added to an Apps channel in Slack in real time, and you can either respond to them instantly via a link or go through all the changes at once at the end of the day. We even suggest that you update your preferences to mute email notifications about Miro activities forever.

Miro notifications

Board activity and conversations

With these notifications, you will always know who needs your input and where on the boards. With the requestors’ and boards’ names in front of your eyes, you can prioritize the urgency and relevance level. Additionally, you can also immediately approve requests to access your boards so that there are no delays in the process.

Slack integration

As we mentioned earlier, we want you to keep using Slack as a reference place for communication. To follow this principle, Miro Feed communicates all mentions or comments on your boards. To reply to the particular comment, simply follow the link and start entering text.

Slack integration

Project activity

Large companies usually organize the teamwork around a challenging and complicated project, which can include folders and subfolders full of relevant documentation. In 2017, we released a feature called Projects to help you manage user access for particular use cases and groups of people. With Miro Feed for Slack, you will be instantly notified each time you can help on a new Project.

Slack integration

Team activity

Team activity notifications act pretty much the same way as board activities. You know when you are requested to join a team or when someone is requesting access to a team you manage. In addition to that, you can set up notifications to make sure people you’ve invited to your team have signed up.

Slack integration

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