How to onboard first-time Miro users before a workshop

Be honest. Have you ever nodded along during a meeting or workshop when you really had no idea what was going on?

Facilitators often face the challenge of ensuring all attendees are having fun and actively participating (and staying awake!). Thankfully, there are solutions: icebreakers, energizers, and even how you organize your board can keep people focused and involved.

But what if the virtual room is full of first-time Miro users? How do you make sure participants have the skills they need to participate fully?

We asked our community to help us answer this question in our second How do you Miro? Templates Challenge. We had some incredible entries with inspiring ideas for sandboxes, cheat sheets, and play areas to get first-timers onboarded and confident using Miro.

Our top-of-the-line judges (Martina Crnkovic, Kristin Leitch, and Rachel Nagrecha) decided our winners. Check them out in Miroverse and read more about all of our amazing entries below.

1. Judge’s Choice: Welcome to Miro!

by Kim Roth Howe, Principal Facilitator & Designer, CoCreative Labs

This colorful board takes new Miro users on a journey through different tasks like uploading gifs and adding sticky notes. Kim sends this out to participants a week before an event, giving them time to learn how to navigate the Miro board, introduce themselves, and play around with basic features in advance.

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2. People’s Choice: Getting to Know Miro

by Robert Johnson, Business Systems Analyst, The Co-operators Group Ltd.

This board was designed to highlight Miro’s infinite canvas, get people familiar with terms they’ll be hearing and using during the workshop, and encourage participants to practice using Miro’s features (with helpful gifs lighting the way). Robert sends a separate copy of this board to each participant, so everyone gets a chance to practice.

3. Miro Sandbox

by Kiron Bondale, Senior Consultant, World Class Productivity Inc.

With just one sticky note and a few simple questions, participants can learn how to label, connect, and cluster ideas — critical skills for fully engaging in workshops.

4. Dream Trips & Virtual Snackbar

by Andrea Weissenbuehler, UX Designer and Design Thinking Lead at DXC Technology

Andrea asks participants to dream big — and practice using Miro at the same time. Lighthearted questions about dream vacations and favorite snacks get people smiling and boosts their comfort level creating digital sticky notes and voting.

5. Basic Tools for Collaborative Meetings

by Piera Mattioli, Service Designer at Essense

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this board as a visual aid to help new Miro users practice navigating, selecting and moving items, create sticky notes to share ideas, and leave comments for colleagues directly on the board.

6. Miro Orientation

submitted by David Read, Product Designer, and developed by Dave Turnbull, Founder at Chrometoaster

In this board, frames filled with screenshots, useful tips, and activities teach participants how to navigate the board, change settings, color, draw, and edit text.

7. Getting to Grips with Miro

by Matt Stocker, Director, Stocker Partnership

Help workshop attendees become Miro “geniuses” with a series of three lessons: how to move around in Miro, creating and editing, and collaborating in Miro.

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