4 new features to make your boards look neat: Sketch plugin, automated grid, Projects and new fonts

We spent the first half of Summer 2017  improving Miro to make your boards look neat. As a result, we’ve released 4 new features to help you navigate around boards, upload well-designed content, organize content into a grid and change fonts. Enjoy what’s new and feel free to send feedback at feedback@realtimeboard.com!

Another external plugin — now it’s for Sketch

Miro Plugin for Sketch

Collaborate on Sketch artboards and discuss them with your team! Miro plugin for Sketch is an easy way to export images from Sketch right to the board. With this plugin, you can update artboards in Miro in one click.

Download Sketch Plugin

Magic grid in frames

Arranging objects on the board can be tedious. Not anymore!
Our smart grid layout will adjust objects in frames automatically. To snap content in the frame to a grid, click on the grid option in the context menu. To switch back to the free-form layout, choose the free-form option. When you drop a new object into the frame, it will get arranged along with the other objects in the grid.

Try grid in frames

Projects — a better way to share and organize boards

Projects - new way to organize boards in Miro

You may have noticed our new dashboard with projects. With this new feature you can organize boards by projects, see who you are partnering with and filter the boards you see on the dashboard.

Learn more about Projects

New fonts for your texts

New fonts in Miro

Choose any of 20+ new fonts to highlight key points and make your content more visually attractive and readable.

Try new fonts in Miro

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Join millions of users that collaborate from all over the planet using Miro.

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