4 award-winning calendar templates to transform how you organize your year

Work deadlines, personal commitments, annual goal planning, to-do tracking: For most, a calendar is the go-to tool for keeping life organized. Yet, its adaptability to any number of these use cases also makes it a perfect blank canvas for iteration.

So who better to elevate the humble calendar than our active community of Creators in Miroverse? To kick off the new year, we asked Miro Creators to show us their take on a virtual calendar for 2024, with zero requirements and the sky as the limit. 

Submissions and creativity flowed in from all around the world, and we’re thrilled to see so many fresh and exciting calendar formats added to the thousands of inspiring user-generated templates already in the Miroverse

Here are four of the most innovative calendar submissions from our Miro Creator Calendar Challenge. They were selected based on their creativity, ease of use, and votes from the Creator Community.

🏅2024 Weeknotes by Gaby Turner (Miro Team Choice Award)

How it works: Weeknotes are exactly what they sound like — a place to capture your thoughts from the past week, simple as that. Use it as a weekly team wrap-up and planner for the week ahead, a private space for personal reflection, or a shared newsletter to document progress; the possibilities are virtually endless. 

The real beauty of the weeknotes template lies in its flexibility. Its no-rules approach can transform a standard weekly calendar into a multi-faceted tool for communication, reflection, and/or collaboration. Weeknotes not only allows for differences in communica[tion style but also celebrates and encourages those expressions of creativity.   

Why we love it: Weeknotes (Gaby’s version) scored high for its ease of use and visual simplicity. With its clear but open-ended directions and varied prompts for use, this template gives teams and individuals a blank-ish canvas to let their words — and emojis — flow freely.

Who it’s great for: Teams who want to put a more creative and/or personal spin on sharing updates and progress, individuals who want to organize their weekly reflections 

🏅No Regrets 2024 Calendar by Clyde D’Souza (Miro Team Choice Award)

How it works: A clean, attractive, and approachable canvas, this annual calendar offers the critical “year-at-a-glance” view needed for high-level yearly planning. Designed to be viewed by month in fullscreen, it’s a great option for those who prefer their calendars to always be visible.

Adorn it with colorful blocks to block off your vacation weeks, add sticky notes for quick reminders, or choose stickers to mark major milestones — Miro’s many built-in tools and features give this calendar boundless versatility when mapping out major events.

Why we love it: The inspirational imagery of adventure-seekers (think skydivers, tightrope walkers, and paragliders) gives the kind of “carpe diem” vibes that are sure to inspire users to live their year without regrets. Its familiarity is its strength, and Clyde’s sleek template breathes new life and a sense of exploration into what could otherwise be “just” another monthly calendar.  

Who it’s great for: Anyone who needs a reminder to be more adventurous, release their inhibitions, and “do the thing” this year — no regrets

🏅Anniversaries and Birthdays 2024 by Karen Manhas (Miro Team Choice Award)

How it works: Calendar, meet virtual event planner. This clever combo calendar gives you the ability to not only track all of life’s special dates but to easily manage the minutiae of event planning, too — all from a single, central hub. 

Get inspired, let the ideas flow, and keep it all organized with the helpful party-planning templates conveniently linked within the calendar. Say goodbye to the multiple docs, spreadsheets, and notes apps of the past and say hello to a more streamlined way to keep track of those personal dates that matter most. 

Why we love it: The bright colors and festive graphics in Karen’s calendar-meets-event-planner are undeniably fun. We always appreciate a good multi-purpose tool, and this smart organizational mashup is no exception. Now, if only it could also bake a celebration cake… 

Who it’s great for: Individuals or groups who want to centralize their date-tracking and event-planning efforts

Kanban Calendar by Ondrej Papanek (Creator Community Choice Award)

Ondrej Papanek for his calendar featuring a unique and practical approach to kanban.

How it works: Why choose between the practicality of a calendar view and the functionality of the Kanban board view when you can have both? A sticky note for every to-do task is placed on the calendar on its intended start date. Once work has begun, the task is subsequently moved to the “In-progress” and “Done” columns accordingly. 

This approach gives users and teams alike the ability to perform a quick visual “status check” and track their work at a high level. Don’t forget to zoom out to see multiple months’ worth of “Done” column tasks to soak in that feeling of accomplishment. 

Why we love it: Simple, intuitive, and utilitarian, it’s easy to see how Ondrej’s Kanban Calendar garnered the most votes amongst the Miro community (and high marks from our judging panel, too). It manages to feel both innovative and unique at the same time, lending a unique duality to this framework you don’t often find in a calendar.

Who it’s great for: Teams or individuals who want a simple, visual way to track progress

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