¡Hola! Hallo! Bonjour! こんにちは! Try Miro in Spanish, German, French, and Japanese

As Miro continues to grow worldwide (we now have an amazing 40 million users!) it’s important that our product grows to be inclusive of every customer. And we would not be living our mission to help teams co-create the next best thing if we weren’t striving to improve and iterate. That’s why today we’re excited to announce that Miro is now available in four new languages: Spanish, German, French, and Japanese! Keep reading to learn more.

Global collaboration

In order to promote collaboration across the world, every team member should be empowered to collaborate in the language that they’re most comfortable collaborating, brainstorming, ideating in. As a distributed company ourselves, we understand the challenges and needs of our ever-growing, international customer base.

Take Japanese customer Ryo Ishido, CDO at Pioneer, for example. He says, “Miro works like a map showing the complicated business environment and organizational issues, guiding us to cover everything and make better decisions.” Which is why being able to work in Miro in Japanese is so crucial.

At Ubisoft in France, “Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do… With over 20,000 employees across many countries and time zones, it has been a game-changer for our teams, who can now more easily share and learn from each other.”

Germany-based Product Manager Philip McCuster says, “In our virtual workshops we bring in cross-functional teams and potential customers to ideate and present problems, capture feedback, and interact in real-time.” Imagine a virtual workshop with a personalized native-language experience for every participant. It’d create a truly inclusive space for all.

Supporting teams locally

Miro’s global presence extends across the US, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, including offices in Paris, Munich, Berlin, and Tokyo. We’re here to support our teams locally—whenever, if ever they need us.

Additionally, we’ve added multi-language sales, customer success teams, support representatives, Help Center articles, and website pages to assist French, German, Spanish, and Japanese-speaking customers.

4 new languages are now available

We’ve just started making Miro more inclusive for our global community — and are taking the first step by rolling out core features and functionality in additional languages. To start, language settings for Spanish, German, French, and Japanese are currently supported on the web browser and apply to the user interface of your Miro boards, dashboard, and settings.

We’ve captured what a user needs to be able to start collaborating and be effective with Miro in this initial release, however, we’re working every day to get full coverage of the product in preparation for our general availability so you may stumble across some un-translated pieces. Don’t worry—we’re making progress every day to bring you your favorite collaborative platform in your preferred language.

How to change your language in Miro

Ready to update your language? Let’s get started.

  • Navigate to your Profile Settings
  • Scroll down to Language
  • Choose your preferred language from the dropdown menu

We will continue to invest in improving the experience for non-English speakers throughout this year — and beyond! Stay tuned for more announcements.

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