Get to know the Miro Developer Platform 2.0

If you could build anything, what would you make? At Miro, our goal has always been to empower teams to build the next big thing. Last week we launched our redesigned Miro Developer Platform 2.0, enabling developers and partners to build apps and integrations for Miro’s 35+ million users.

Drawing on insights from the Developer Platform 1.0 and feedback from our community, we’ve launched the only visual collaboration platform that equips developers to create both user-facing applications and server-side integrations. With a suite of pre-installed public and private apps that integrate with your tech stack, Developer Platform 2.0 is enterprise-ready, so you can create and collaborate safely without limits.

Miro’s developer platform

Interactive reference docs, combined with easy-to-access guides and tutorials, allow developers to spend more time doing what they love. In just three minutes, you’ll have all the information you need to start building.

The new platform includes a sandboxed environment for app development and testing. To foster collaboration, developers can create dedicated teams within their enterprise account specifically for app development. The Miro Developer Platform 2.0 was built with the developer experience in mind.

New features and updates

  • REST APIs unlock newfound freedom and flexibility while seamlessly connecting components and applications.
  • Liven up a board with the help of the new and improved Web SDK. Build apps that keep your users engaged with dynamic content like video clips, polls, data visualizations, and games.
  • Keep the ideas flowing with Live Embed, which supports embedding a live collaborative Miro board into any web app, product, or website.

Developers can deploy apps privately within the organization, or publish them on the Miro Marketplace to share with the 35+ million users.

  • Unlock potential with enterprise-ready features
  • Pre-installed public apps integrate with popular tools like: messages, video conferencing, and productivity tools.
  • Dream even bigger: Unlock business workflows with custom-built apps that integrate with a tech stack.
  • Private apps enforce secure policies and enable admins, so systems can stay protected while developers create.

Get started with the Miro Developer Platform 2.0 today

Get inspired by these use cases

With Miro’s Developer Platform 2.0, you can…

Quickly access libraries of images, assets, and templates, including product images and headshots.
Visualize relationships between data across systems. For example, generate an org chart using data from a spreadsheet.
Create content from other services and platforms, like this app that allows anyone to quickly add sticky notes to the board from their phones using a QR code.
Bring meetings to life with interactive icebreaker apps.

Feeling inspired? Each of these will be added to our sample library on GitHub. Get creative and adapt them to your own case, or develop totally new apps and integrations fitting with other user needs.

Stay tuned for more articles that feature partners who built new integrations using the Miro Developer Platform 2.0—like Airtable. Miro’s Airtable integration allows users to take brainstorming and planning ideas from Miro and import them directly into Airtable to turn them into actionable tasks.

Until then, enjoy building the next big thing on Miro’s Developer Platform. Here’s an invite to all developers: Chime in on the developer forum with thoughts and questions, and join the community channel in Discord to chat live. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our public roadmap to see what we’re working on, request new features, vote, and share feedback.

Now that you can build anything, what will you make?

Get started with the Miro Developer Platform 2.0 today