Miro is now integrated with AWS AppFabric: Connect your SaaS apps and improve security

For the past few years, especially as hybrid and remote work has become normalized, enterprise organizations have become reliant on an increasing number of applications and cloud-based platforms to streamline collaboration and improve productivity among teams and individuals. Companies are incentivized to ensure their tools are accessible to everyone and that work remains frictionless, all while ensuring their data stays safe.

According to the latest Businesses at Work white paper from Okta, large companies (2000+ employees), on average, relied on over 200 apps in 2022. This means IT and security teams must manage not only more licenses but also alleviate increased organizational security and compliance risks — they must find a way to configure secure collaboration in and outside their network.

However, many SaaS applications don’t work natively together by default and point-to-point integrations can be burdensome. In addition, application security data is highly variable and lacks standardization, which increases security risk. And finally, admin productivity can be compromised when they must manage security tasks across all their apps separately.

That’s why enterprise organizations must harmonize their security monitoring across all of these tools. Otherwise, it can take several incidents and weeks to even identify a leak or breach.

Now, thanks to a new partnership with Amazon Web Services, Miro is one of the first apps to integrate with AWS AppFabric, which can solve these challenges. AWS AppFabric connects multiple SaaS applications with no coding required. This means that organizations not only have better app security, but they can also give their end users the confidence that the tools they use will keep their content and ideas safe.

With AppFabric, Miro enterprise admins can now elevate their security posture by normalizing application data and connecting Miro to leading security solutions, making it easy to set global policies and standardize security alerts.

AWS AppFabric is available for your enterprise organization today.

With a vision to build the leading enterprise ecosystem, Miro continues to expand our enterprise capabilities by partnering with top security and compliance vendors. While our core features delight users and enable teams to innovate across hybrid, distributed, and remote teams, we continue to design and build Miro Enterprise with IT, security, compliance, and legal teams in mind.

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