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Lunch and Learn: Miro’s coffee expert spills the beans on the perfect cup of joe

November 24, 2020

To keep our team connected and propagate our diverse knowledge internally, Miro occasionally has Virtual Lunch and Learn sessions where team members share their in-depth knowledge of a hobby or past professional experience. Recently, Miro sales representative David Kim helmed a Lunch and Learn to share his passion for coffee.

Brad Sanzenbacher

Strategic Storytelling Lead at Miro

Of the experience, he said:

Using a Miro board to host my Lunch and Learn was super easy because Miro has the tools for me to get creative. I was able to copy and paste relevant images to my board and use the shapes/drawing tool to create content I couldn’t find via stock photos.

Being able to see the big picture while building out my presentation frame-by-frame saved me a lot of time and gave me a direction creatively.

After building my presentation frames, I just went straight into presentation mode during the live session, which the audience followed along in a fun way.

Before joining our LA Hub, David spent a year as co-owner of The Classic Coffee in downtown LA. During this time, he mastered the art of selecting, roasting, and brewing coffee for just about anyone’s taste.

Take a look at David’s board to learn a bit more about the coffee-making process from bean to cup.

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