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Introducing Miro Live Embed and new collaborations with Microsoft, Atlassian, Airtable, Coda, and Procore

July 14, 2020

In the new normal of remote work, we rely heavily on technology to collaborate more effectively and re-create the connection of being together. Each of the apps we use is like a virtual conference room, providing a digital space to communicate, make decisions, provide feedback to one another, and update each other on the status of projects. But there’s one conference room staple that’s missing from these tools: the whiteboard.

To be successful, teams need a way to recreate the ease of working together visually to share ideas and map out solutions to complex problems. And they need to be able to do it in whatever tool they’re working in, to bring context and clarity to all types of work.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Miro Live Embed. By extending the power of the Miro platform to the apps you rely on every day, you can create, share, and edit Miro boards directly in your team’s preferred collaboration tools.

Terrence Caldwell

Product Marketing Lead at Miro

Terrence leads product marketing efforts for the Miro platform. He champions the partners, developers, and integrators that are extending the power of Miro.

Turn conversations into action

When working remotely or with distributed teammates you rely heavily on communication tools to stay connected – they now even replace most in-person meetings and emails. Now you can turn conversations with your team into live brainstorming and ideation sessions with the ability to access live Miro boards without even leaving your chat interface. And we’re excited to announce we are working with Microsoft Teams to bring Miro directly to their users.

Stay in sync throughout projects

The biggest challenge most teams face in managing projects, whether remote or not, is how to maintain a shared understanding as things move from concept through execution. This becomes especially difficult with cross-functional projects, as every hand-off is an opportunity for context to be lost or requirements to be misinterpreted.

With Live Embed available in tools like Atlassian products including Jira Software and Trello, and also available as an Airtable block, you can perfectly balance unstructured visual collaboration with your structured work. Product managers can now embed boards with user story maps and customer research in tasks they might be working on with designers. Designers can also embed boards with live wireframes and service blueprints in development tasks. And since boards are live, it’s easy for stakeholders to leave comments or sticky notes when additional clarity is needed or to suggest improvements, from right within the task at hand.

Adding Miro Live Embed to our Blocks platform has allowed our users to combine the power of structured workflows in Airtable with the creative freedom of unstructured visual collaboration in Miro. With the Miro block, our users can move from ideation through execution seamlessly.

Michelle Valentine, Product Manager at Airtable

Create living documentation

The challenge with creating documentation is how quickly content becomes outdated as fast-moving teams iterate and evolve. With Miro, instead of re-doing work you can immediately capture the results of diagramming and mapping exercises, Agile rituals, and workshops in boards – and embed them directly into your project plans, product requirements, and documentation kept in tools like Coda and Confluence.

This ensures that insights are shared with others who might not have been able to participate in the original sessions, and everything is kept up-to-date at all times. Your documentation is done, without any of the pain of actually documenting, and anyone can contribute to it.

Especially as our workplaces become hyper-digital, our ability to move between brainstorming, documenting, and executing without friction is critical. The combination of writing and tracking in Coda with the visual expression in Miro is a powerful enabler of every step of a team’s journey, removing barriers to collaboration.

Evan Davies, Head of Solutions, Partnerships & Marketing at Coda

Make video calls
and workshops
more interactive

At Miro, we’re spread across five hubs in three different countries and four time zones. When teams are able to come together synchronously on video conferences, we try to take full advantage of those moments and include ways for teams to collaborate and interact.

Live Embed allows any video call to become a whiteboarding opportunity. Our new partnership with video meeting platform Whereby allows facilitators to lead interactive workshops with clients, without ever having to leave the product. Teams can also run live working sessions on Miro boards from virtual workspaces in products like RemoteHQ. To remove any friction, video call participants can even create boards without an existing Miro account.

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Our users have been asking for a whiteboard feature for some time now and the Miro team have been the perfect partners to make this happen. Now, Whereby users can collaborate on Miro projects through our video meetings, making remote working even easier.

Ingrid Ødegaard, Co-founder/Chief Product & Technology Officer at Whereby

Bring the board wherever you are

Live Embed opens up a world of possibilities, allowing anyone to create a powerful visual collaboration experience, for any use case.

Teams managing projects in Procore will be able to use Live Embed to digitize the project logistics: schedules, delivery boards, and inspection lists that typically live on physical whiteboards. It allows all project stakeholders to create, update, and delete information on a shared collaborative canvas for everyone to see and stay updated in real time.

Online event platforms like Run The World will soon be able to offer a live whiteboard experience to continue driving unique and engaging events.

Miro’s Live Embed allows Procore users to get the benefits of Miro’s online collaborative whiteboards within the Procore platform. With Miro’s digital whiteboards, our construction teams can work on the same project simultaneously so they’re aligned regardless of physical location. We know this type of visual collaboration will become more and more critical with the rise of remote and distributed stakeholders

Danny Seigle, VP, Business Development at Procore

This is just the start

There’s no limit to the potential of your team when you can tap into your collective creativity at any time with Miro Live Embeds. We’re on a mission to bring the whiteboard experience to any tool you use to connect with others and get work done.

If you’re a product or partnership leader looking to embed Miro into your product, we’d love to talk and get you started with using Live Embed to help empower your customers.

If you’re a Miro user, check out all the products that currently offer a Live Embed experience. If you don’t see a tool that you use and would like to embed Miro boards, please let us know.

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