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On April 2, 2020 Miro Customer Success showed how to use Miro with Jira,
Confluence & Trello to boost product development workflow.

Use Miro + Atlassian to help
your team execute faster

Miro pre-built templates

Create a shared
from the start

Miro pre-built templates
Miro gives teams using Jira an easier way to kick-off
the product design process with teammates using
the online whiteboard and pre-built templates
for user story mapping, user flows, etc.
Miro pre-built templates
Jira Cards & Miro interactive USM

Achieve an agreement
on the User Story Map

Plan and prioritize product releases and communicate them to
the team using Miro's interactive User Story Map. Once the
team agrees on the USM and sprint scope, Miro provides a way
to convert Miro Cards to Jira issues.
User Story Map
Jira Add-On

Bridge the gap
from ideation
to execution

Jira Add-On
Help your team execute faster by attaching Miro
boards with brainstorming work, USMs, persona
write-ups, and full user journeys to Jira issues or
Trello cards.
Jira Add-On
Miro Kanban

Easily track work progress

Miro's bi-directional integration with Jira allows you
to discuss, monitor, and update the current status of planned
items during live stand-ups and sizing activities on a
collaborative online whiteboard.
Easily track work progress
Confluence Plugin

your work

Document your work

Embed visual documentation done in Miro such as:
project descriptions with zoomable USMs,
low-fidelity prototypes, system architecture,
diagrams and more to Confluence pages.

The plugin ensures everyone has the most
up-to-date version and allows viewers to comment
and leave feedback directly from Confluence.

Document your work

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Miro Developer Platform

Collaborate smarter
with custom plugins
and integrations

Miro Developer Platform
Read the short intro on what possibilities Miro
Developer Platform opens to developers.
Explore the main Platform webpage with video
examples of the plugins.
See the Miro Developer's Hub.
Miro Developer Platform

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