Miro and Atlassian

Team collaboration whiteboard
for Atlassian users

Miro integrations with Jira and Confluence help
cross-functional teams collaborate and stay informed of the context
on every stage of product development.
Jira cards

Work with Jira issues
just like with sticky notes

Jira card is a way to display a Jira issue on the board.
Use cards to map together and manage the big picture
during remote story sizing, backlog prioritization, story
mapping and other team activities.
Integrate Jira Cards
Miro has helped us work across
multiple sites around the world and has enabled
us to be far more productive than before.
Richard Davidson, Agile Project Manager
Jira issue attachment

Give context to Jira
issues with interactive

Attach boards to Jira issues to let developers and
product owners quickly view or contribute to visual
schemes, brainstorms and prototypes whenever
they open a Jira issue.
Install Jira Addon
“For team collaboration this is as close as I've ever
seen to a physical whiteboard for distributed teams.
I facilitate a lot of distributed meetings and this
is my new favorite tool”.
David Frink, Agile Coach
Flowchart Confluence embed

Embed live diagrams and
prototypes into Confluence

Give your team an easy access from Confluence pages
to product requirements, user stories, mockups and
other visual projects! Embed Miro boards
natively with Confluence plugin.
Install Confluence Plugin
Join thousands of teams and companies that are already
enjoying the perks of visual collaboration
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