T-Chart Template

Make better, faster decisions by organizing and comparing your ideas.

About the T-Chart Template

T-Charts can help you compare and contrast two different ideas, group information into different categories, and prove a change through “before” and “after” analysis. Designers and content creators can use T-Charts to turn possibilities into actionable ideas.

What is a T-Chart

T-Charts are a visual organizational tool that can help problem solve and compare aspects of two ideas. You can make comparisons such as pros and cons, facts and opinions, strengths and weaknesses, or big-picture views versus specific details. 

When to use a T-Chart

T-Charts are useful for discussing differences and similarities with your team or clients and can help you to reach a decision together. Try testing out different headings or themes depending on the kind of problem you’d like to solve. This can include:

  • Compare pros and cons

  • Analyze personality traits

  • Contrast before and after states

  • Define cause and effect

  • Compare then and now states

  • Build a glossary to keep track of words and definitions

  • Outline hypothetical solutions and their potential outcomes

T-Charts allow your team to record new insights, spot patterns, and share knowledge. T- Charts often complement statistical data and graphs that can be presented with a formed narrative.

Create your own T-Chart

Making your own T-Charts is easy. Miro is the perfect canvas to create a T-chart and share them. Get started by selecting the T-Chart Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own:

  1. Decide why you need a T-Chart. Are you comparing and contrasting design or content-related ideas to make a decision? Or outlining situations to plan ahead of important events? Either way, thinking ahead can create a strong foundation for your chart. 

  2. Invite your team or clients to fill in the blanks. Up to 300 people can collaborate seamlessly on your Miro board. If you need input or feedback to narrow down your ideas, invite others to participate.

  3. Add visuals to strengthen your text, or make a final decision. Adding emojis or photos will bring an emotional layer or more context for your team. You can use imagery as a tool to vote for a preferred option. Imagery can also help bring the chart to life with real-life references.

T-Chart Template

Get started with this template right now.

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