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Newly Added

World Café - Remote Edition

World Café is a workshop format that allows medium sized to large groups to:

  • Generate Ideas

  • Explore ranges of possible actions

  • Foster Exchange

  • Exchange Knowledge

And now it's also possible in remote settings. The following template was tested several times with groups up to 40 people. It is easy to adopt. Communication tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams go hand in hand with it.

The intention of the World Café is to create an exchange between learners or participants of e.g. a workshop in order to intensively discuss and reflect Problems or general Questions in smaller groups. Those groups will be regularly and randomly mixed to enhance the exchange.

The way of having those conversations should resemble a rather everyday conversation at e.g. a café. So try to create a free, safe and casual atmosphere.

After the e.g. three rounds, the participants come together in a plenum and the hosts of the table present the tables key findings of the three rounds. Making sure that the whole group gets an idea of how the questions at the different tables were discussed.

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