Virtual World Café


The World Café method is a collaborative dialogue format for large groups and part of the Art of Hosting method universe.

Participants have a collective, progressive conversation by moving from table to table in overall three rounds. Typically, each round starts with a question to leverage the conversation to the next level.

This template creates a virtual Café setting, allowing participants to pick the "table" (= call) they want to join. It needs to be complemented by a call setup which allows several parallel calls - 1 main call and as many calls as you have tables. It's currently mapped for ca. 40 participants (10 tables) and can easily adjusted by adding or removing tables.

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Johanna Rosenbusch
Passionate Design Thinker & Co-Creation Specialist
Hi! I‘m passionate about people co-creating and bringing their ideas to life. My go-to frameworks are Design Thinking for its prototyping mindset and Art of Hosting for connection & dialogue.
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