Weekly Wins Planner


Weekly Wins Planner: Your Key to Superhuman Productivity

Stay on track and achieve your biggest goals this quarter with the Weekly Wins Planner.

This simple yet powerful template helps you and your team define your top SMART quarterly goals, then break them down into bite-sized weekly wins.

Track your progress each week by highlighting completed, partially completed, and incomplete goals.

This keeps you focused, motivated, and accountable to hit your targets.

Use this template and watch your productivity and happiness skyrocket.

Brought to you by The Assist, a community of 50,000+ women helping each other level up their careers and lives.

How to use the Weekly Wins Planner Template:

1. Invite your teammates to use the template.

2. Enter your top 5 goals for the quarter in the top section (“Quarterly Goals”).

2. Make sure each goal is written in a SMART way. SMART stands for "specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound."

  • Bad goal example: Increase the number of subscribers to our newsletter

  • Good goal example: Add 15,000 new subscribers to our newsletter by 3/31/2024

3. Enter your top 3 SMART goals ("Weekly Wins") at the beginning of each week.

4. At the end of each week, shade each Weekly Win as complete (green highlight), partially complete (yellow highlight), or not complete (red highlight).

5. Repeat numbers 3 and 4 every week of the quarter.

6. Watch your productivity and happiness soar!


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Joanna Ericta
Co-Founder@The Assist
Co-founder of the free productivity newsletter, The Assist (theassist.com). We create templates for our audience on a regular basis to help them enjoy work more.
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