Align Business Structure and Processes


What is this Template about?

  • Organizational Structure Analysis: To understand how the company is structured and how this structure supports or hinders its objectives and strategies.

  • Process Analysis: To examine the efficiency and effectiveness of various operational processes within the organization.

  • Project Review: To assess the alignment of ongoing projects with the company's strategic goals and their effective management.

  • Identifying Silos and Bottlenecks: To spot and address issues of compartmentalization within the organization and pinpoint areas where processes are inefficient or delayed.

  • Evaluating Cross-Collaboration: To assess how well different departments and teams work together and identify areas for improvement in collaboration.

  • Customer Touchpoint Analysis: To map out and evaluate all interactions with customers, aiming to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

How does it help?

Enhanced organizational efficiency by identifying and rectifying structural and process inefficiencies.Improved collaboration and communication across different departments, reducing silos.Better alignment of projects and initiatives with the strategic goals of the organization.Enhanced customer satisfaction through improved understanding and optimization of customer touchpoints.

Who could use it?

Basically everyone in a professional environment. From company leadership and management, to project teams and operations, to HR and development professionals, digital transformation teams, customer experience managers and of course: any employee who wants to understand and improve the company, its processes and opportunities, regardless of hierarchical level.

How to use the template?

You can go through the template from left to right, but you don`t need to use it in order, you can use only parts of the template.

  • Initial Assessment: Begin by conducting an initial review of the organization’s current structure, processes, and projects.

  • Data Collection and Analysis: Use the template to systematically collect data on each aspect (structure, names, processes, projects, collaboration, customer touchpoints).

  • Identifying Issues: Use the data to identify areas of concern, such as silos, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies.

  • Developing Solutions: Brainstorm and develop strategies to address the identified issues.

  • Implementation and Monitoring: Implement the proposed solutions and continuously monitor their effectiveness, making adjustments as necessary.


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