Weekly Traction, Planning Board


Welcome to my Weekly Traction Board – my go-to tool for strategic planning and efficient execution. Originally designed during our company's OKR planning (July-Oct 2021), I find this template is perfect for Marketing Managers and Project Managers aiming to elevate their quarterly activities.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Marketing Managers

  • Project Managers

How to Maximize Your Planning:

  1. Organize with Swimlanes: Name each swimlane according to your overarching goals. For more detailed Key Results (KRs), add them as cards within each objective, providing context in the description.

  2. Operational Lane: Reserve the last swimlane for operational tasks that don't align with specific quarterly objectives (e.g., planning OKRs for the next quarter).

  3. Timeline Clarity: Add dates to each column to ensure a clear and structured timeline for your quarterly activities.

Additional Tips for Optimal Efficiency:

  • Tags for Visibility: As your board grows, maintain visibility by adding tags to identify which cards belong to specific objectives.

  • Collaborative Assignments: Utilize the board with your team by assigning different team members to tasks.

  • Absence Planning: Incorporate a "Vacation" column for personal absence or mark significant events, such as an annual company conference.

  • Seamless Integration: Stay on top of task-like comments by integrating Slack with Miro using Zapier. Create a dedicated Backlog frame for landing and reviewing tasks converted from Slack messages.

Make every week count towards your quarterly objectives!


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