Weekly Team Updates


This template helps you to run weekly team updates (for some also known as standup meetings) in a simple yet very efficient manner! It's highly adjustable & simple to work with.

How to use the template:

  1. The instructions are built into the template — you can always refer to them!

  2. Type in your name (name of your project, department, etc.) in the inner circle & choose one sticky notes color.

  3. Share what has happened in the past week (next circle).

  4. Share what is planned for the next week (next circle).

  5. Read through colleagues' updates & leave your comments, questions, reactions.

  6. Discuss possibilities for collaboration & synergies using the outer circle.

Great! You've just managed a huge updates session in half an hour.


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Ruslan Kildeev
Program Producer & Digital Host@resense360
Ruslan is an edtech producer, sustainability geek, visual thinker, and digital magician. He accompanies teams and organizations in growing their capacities and creating meaningful online gatherings.
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